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Europe’s Rush toward Clean Green Fuel 

Hydrogen might just save the water-filled Italian city of Venice. Hydrogen, the little known gas in our atmosphere, might very well be the difference between a drowning Italy and a floating one. While technological advancements brought its benefits in terms of more industries. However, the ascent of hydrogen as a source of energy has long been coming 

While technological development in terms of industrialization brought many benefits like companies integrating better manufacturing methods. It has also been out of its fair share of planetary disruption. From rising temperatures to increasing water levels caused by the melting polar ice caps it is clear that the industrial revolution comes with its own toll on the planet 

Enter the miracle of hydrogen combustion. Hydrogen is perhaps the most common inert gasses in the atmosphere. This is the answer to Italy’s carbon ridden waterways. It is a well-known fact that burning coal in the presence of oxygen produces carbon-based gasses that clog up the atmosphere. However, hydrogen produces water as a by-product of combustion making it the ultimate green fuel for transportation 

Even though the gas seems like a wonderful solution, it has a significant setback. Hydrogen gas is highly flammable and explosive when it ignites in an oxygen rich environment. This is the reason for the lacklustre approach by scientists to integrate hydrogen in fuel generation. This setback was, however, addressed when SNAM injected controlled amounts of the flammable gas into the country’s main gas supply. It was a successful experiment as no explosions occurred 

The vision to have hydrogen-powered speed boats in the waterways of Venice might still be a long way off though. Despite the prospect of an environmentally friendly fuel source, Italian laws prohibit the use of alternative fossil fuel on boats. Although the law is binding it was placed to improve safety among boat operators as by then the general hydrogen girl engines were a floating time bomb 

However, it is not the end of the road for Venice based transportation. The European Union, in search of a green source of power, has looked into the prospects of generating electricity off the sun-kissed lands if North Africa. Experts in Europe speculate a possibility of tapping into the potential of solar power in the deserted drylands if North Africa. Through calculation, they estimate that the sheer amount of energy produced can support energy deficiency in the European countries 

Natalie Heinrich

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