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Congress not in total agreement with the new Budget Proposal for the NASA agency

NASA seems to be in President Trump’s good books recently. The space agency is one of the most significant frontiers in space exploration with plans to build colonies on other planets and possibly a lunar base on the moon come 2024. In a recent proposal that President Donald J Trump and his administration pushed forward the possibility of having additional funding for the all-time space agency. The material encouraged for lesser allocation for science spending where the Trump administration explained to Congress concerning its views and what holds essential before the next election 

The report stipulates the reduction in funds allocated to scientific organizations. Although the effect of such reduction is unknown, the Presidential administration seems to lean more on pushing hard on finishing the lunar landing project. The project is expected to open achievements on several frontiers in space exploration for NASA. However, NASA’s previous projects have not been budget-friendly 

US Artificial Intelligence Technology (AI) and Quantum Computing will be seeing significant additional support for 2021 following a new White House spending plan of 10 February. For this fiscal year, which ends on 1 October 2020, President Donald Trump’s budget request eliminates several science organizations. While Congress might have consistently denied reductions— and significantly raised research funding in the initiatives enacted — the White House’s 132-page paper gives a glimpse into the administrative goals and aspirations before this year’s November elections.

NASA will expect to make significant gains amongst specific organizations that support and collect data. Budget cuts are provided for by public authorities like The National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Department of Energy (DOE).

The president’s proposal will allow NASA to receive $25.2 billion across the next year’s Congress’ budget through financial 2021, which would be an increase of almost 12%. The funding is designed to boost the government’s attempts for the 2024-crewed lunar mission the budget requires $3.4 billion for the construction of crewed spacecraft capable of carrying people Legislators provided $600 million in funding during the last year to develop this kind of launch vehicles–which was substantially less than the requests made by the White House.

NASA Office of the Space Program, which funds foreign scientific programs and collaborators, is seeking $6.3 billion. Which coincidentally is equal to the amount the White House requested the year before, yet is around a 12% cut below the approved budget by Congress. The proposal of the Executive, as was the case in previous years, seeks to scrap the Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope, NASA’s current flagship space telescope.

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